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Welcome To The Singing Zone / Sing With Freedom In-Depth Continuing Training Program

Watch this video first to see how this program works and what you can expect from it.

Some advice:

  • Don’t rush ahead
  • Don’t ever just watch without doing
  • Always fully engage in everything you do
  • Exercise and experiment by yourself before you move on
  • There is no right or wrong, just interesting discoveries
  • Be aware and aim for even greater awareness
  • Drink water – be hydrated

The Sing With Freedom Program

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Month 2

Improvisation Workshop.

This is essential to develop musicality, to embellish melody lines, to sing licks and runs and ultimately make a song “your own”. In addition, you realize that this way of practicing actually becomes far more effective and more fun than the traditional ways of singing scales.

Release Abdominal Pressure – Free Your Breathing

If you want dynamics, richness, range, power and a functional voice overall, you need to release abdominal pressure. If you want effective vibrato and be able to sing vibrato by choice, you need to release abdominal pressure.

Release Jaw Tension – Free Your Jaw

Jaw tension affects most people – probably more than you are aware of. Jaw tension not only hurts your voice, but is also the culprit of many dental and respiratory problems, headaches and more. It’s time to release it.

Release Laryngeal Tension – Free Your Larynx

This is a career saver for many singers. Do this before you go to bed and it speeds up recovery dramatically. Do it before singing and it frees up your voice dramatically. It only takes a few minutes, but after a couple of days of this, your throat and larynx will feel freer than ever.

Ultimate Vocal Cord Coordination

This lesson is crucial in order to develop effectively. The exercises in this lesson will also make next month’s lessons on “vocal fry” and “depth” even more powerful.

Implementation Sessions

Application of Rhythm

We need rhythm to make music interesting – whatever style we sing. This session applies to beginners, and the advanced singers get plenty of suggestions on what to work on too.

Audio interview: Steven Cragg

Creativity and Improvisation Expert – Writer from Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, and more

Steven shares invaluable advice on how to set your creativity free and find your unique “voice”. Not only does Steven know how to produce and be creative under strict time pressure, he also needs to be funny. In addition, he is master at teaching artistic creativity.

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Month 3

Depth And Richness

Here’s how to get a richer, warmer, freer and more resonant voice. (It applies to both your singing and speaking voice.) You will realize why this is crucial in order to develop range – both the low range AND the high range.

Vocal Fry

Practicing vocal fry can be one of the most powerful strategies to develop a strong and healthy voice. Unfortunately, “vocal fry” becomes destructive for far too many. If you have a weak voice that easily goes breathy or becomes tired, or if you want to sing with power and dynamics, you MUST learn how to do this in a healthy and effective way. You must also learn when to do it and when not to do it.

Tongue Release

Here’s how to create greater freedom without making a single sound. The root of the tongue is a culprit in all voice disorders. The root of the tongue hinders range and becomes tense after workouts (as do all muscles). Here’s what you do to release it.

Implementation Sessions

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Month 4

Vibrato Lesson 1

What is vibrato really? How can you effortlessly create it in your voice? If you’ve never had a vibrato you will now understand why, and you learn what to do about it.

Vibrato Lesson 2

Many have too much vibrato. Here you learn why and what to do about it. It will improve your singing dramatically.

Vibrato Lesson 3

We work on how to get a free beautiful vibrato that comes from choice and style rather than habit.

Advanced Breathing Strategies

It’s time to take your breathing to a new even more effective level. Unfortunately, people who have learned to “control” their breath never get to this level (which is why the previous month’s exercise is crucial). Luckily, it doesn’t take much time out of your day to improve this – just awareness.

Implementation Sessions

The Magic of Singing Harmony

Music becomes truly magical with harmonies, and music becomes even more magical when voices come together in harmony. Here’s how you do it and how to develop this skill.

Putting It All Together

Tongue release, Deep Breathing, Resonance, Freedom, Pitch Acccuracy, Free Vibrato in 2 minutes!


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How To Fix Your Voice On A Really Bad Day

Listen to a real life documentation of the day when Per was sick and had very little voice in the morning, and then what happens later in the day and what he does to make it happen.

Ultimate Neck Release

Most likely you engage these muscles when you sing loud and/or high. Perhaps all the time? Most likely you have never been aware of it. As we release them, you’ll discover how it, not only affects your singing, but your personality. The freer you are, the greater your personality will blossom

Implementation Sessions

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Month 6

Consonant Vowel Combos

Consonant/vowel combos are nothing new. Singing mi, mi, la, la, guh, guh, and other consonant/vowel combos etc. has been with us since the “beginning of time”. Here’s why it so often becomes counterproductive, and when doing it this way gives you a newfound awareness, clarity and resonant voice.

Improve Your Speaking Voice

What’s the point of singing with freedom if we speak with restrictions? Many singers have problems due to the way they speak. Being able to speak with a freer, more resonating voice is crucial – not only for singing, but for life. This lesson is to improve your speaking voice but the way we do it, it will obviously also impact your singing.

Implementation Sessions

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Month 7

Improve Resonance 1

Why does the resonance of your voice have a direct relationship with how you resonate with other people? Here’s how we improve it.

Improve Resonance 2

Resonance has to do with the pharyngeal muscles. Through these exercises we achieve mastery while still being authentic within the style you want to sing.

Improve Resonance 3

Another set of resonance exercises that reveal a lot of compensatory muscles. This is also exceptionally powerful in order to develop range.

Implementation Sessions

Syncopation Mastery

Want to make a song interesting? If so, you need to master syncopations. Here’s what you do to develop it on your own.

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Month 8

Advanced Range Development 1

Here is a long 53-minute session where we work with even greater intensity, greater awareness and even greater results. You don’t need to be an advanced singer. You just need an advanced mindset – which you have by now.

Advanced Range Development 2

With the exceptional mental and physical focus that we have developed, and the extraordinary awareness and ability to isolate muscles, it’s time to add these exercises.

Advanced Range Development 3

Want to be able to sing high pitch without singing falsetto or female head voice? Want to be able to sing with this so-called “mix voice” and be able to do it with depth, resonance, dynamics and freedom? Then you HAVE TO be able to access and coordinate these muscles.

Implementation Sessions

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Month 9

Strength Building Session

Functional strength is essential in order to sing the way you want to sing. With greater strength, your voice will no longer be affected by a simple cold. With greater strength, you can sing with greater dynamics and express yourself truthfully. With greater strength, you can sing softly and still be powerful .

Diaphragm Release

Can the diaphragm get tight? Oh yes, and it is for most people. Release it like this and everything we have worked on will improve even more.

Implementation Sessions

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Month 10

Power Warm Up

An effective way of tapping into your awareness and getting your voice to flow freely.

Intense workout

Yes, this might make you tired. Then again, as long as your voice is functional (which it is by now), this makes it stronger and even healthier.

Advanced Breathing Strategies

It’s time to take your breathing to a new even more effective level. Unfortunately, people who have learned to “control” their breath never get to this level, which is why the previous month’s exercise is crucial. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time out of your day to improve this – just awareness.

How To Put More Emotion Into A Song

A great artist is the one who is able to create an emotional experience for the audience. Would you like to be able to do this even better than before? Want to be able to express a song with even greater passion than before? Then this lesson is for you.

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Month 11

How To Get Your Voice Going In 10 Minutes

With the skills you have acquired you can now accomplish anything in a fraction of time – if you adapt this mindset. Here’s how to get your voice going in 10 minutes. This requires skill and advanced mindset.

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Month 12

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